Find folder sizes on Ubuntu


I needed to find out the amount of data stored in a group of folders. Each of the folders contains a web site, and I want to track the sites on-disk usage statistics.


Linux system running bash.

du binary (typically induced in linux base install or busybox.

Tested on Ubuntu 12.


du -shc *

s ..... Summary
h ..... Human Readable. K, M, and G for sizes.
c ..... Summary or Total
* ..... All files or folders in the current directory.

Add SWAP disk on Amazon EC2 Ubuntu servers


My Ubuntu web servers were killing processes due to low free memory. I would prefer them to slow down than to kill processes. So I added SWAP disk space that is not setup by default in the EC2 instances.


Amazon AWS EC2 Ubuntu 11 or 12 instance.

This may work on other Linux versions, but I have only used it on Ubuntu.

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Backup Shell Script for Linux Web Host


Backup multiple web sites stored on a Linux server. Sites are stored in a single folder as sub-folders.

I run a web host that is a custom fault tolerant solution on Amazon AWS t1.micro hosts. The primary host should be backed up daily, but a historic backup was necessarily. My goal was to have two weeks of daily backups. The sites databases are backed up separately, so my primary concern was the folder contents.